Black and White Magic of St. Petersburg 1995-1997

Friday, July 24, 2009

Russian photographer’s work, Alexey Titarenko [b.1962], blends the temporal aspect of life with the solid presence of streets and cityscapes. Images of change and images of immutability.
By using long exposures, he creates images where humanity appears fragile, ghost-like, temporal, perhaps even insubstantial.
The mood of his photographic work, sad in a way, melancholic in others, conveys the contradictory feeling of immutability and change. The change that that occurred in St.Petersburg after the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s and the slow process of a society that was fixed in a dictatorial regime and wanted to emerge from its dark past, was the driver for his work “City of Shadows“.
All pictures above are form the Black and White Magic of St.Petersburg series.
The artist is represented exclusively by Nailya Alexander Gallery (24 W 57 Street #503 New York, NY 10019, 212-315-2211).