Je ne cherche pas, je trouve

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jacqueline assise dans un fauteuil, 1964

Le Matador, 1970

Le buffet de Vauvenargues 1959 - 1960

Nature morte à la tête de mort, cruche et poireaux, 1945

Last night, I had the luck to attend a private view of the PICASSO CEZANNE exhibition at the Musée Granet in Aix-en-Provence. The exhibition opens next Monday.

The exhibition tends to focus on the influence that Cézanne had on Picasso's Art. I have to admit that I am definitely not convinced about the theory. It is true that some similarities can be found, also because Picasso was an admirer of Cézanne's paintings and a fervent collector.
But the exhibit, to my point of view, fails at proving it. The Cézanne paintings that are shown are not relevant and the works of Picasso (paintings, sculptures, etchings) are killing everything else.

But for those who love Picasso and especially the 60's and 70's era, it is a real delight for the eyes.
The last rooms are dedicated to Picasso's latest love, Jacqueline Roche.
Strong use of colours and deconstruction of shapes are magnifying her, whereas she is represented with her afghan dog or as a modern madonna.
Some great sculptures also, especially "the Tête de femme (Fernande)" from 1909 usually shown at the MOMA.

Picasso spend the last years of his life next to Aix, in the small village of Vauvenargues where he bought le Château at the feet of La Sainte Victoire. He is burried in the garden, which will be open to the public from monday, but tickets are sold out already.

PICASSO CEZANNE exhibition at the Musée Granet. Place Saint Jean de Malte.
From the 25th of May to the 27th of September 2009.